Live Free


I am sure you are wondering, What in the world is Ross up to now?, I will tell you, I am all about living free. It’s time to clear your hearts, and minds of doubt, fear, and even anger to begin to live your best life yet. It’s time to map out a plan and commit to executing it. Sometimes our path may take us away from what I heart is desiring but we must rest easy and understand that if you keep our goals near and dear we will have no problem with manifesting them into our lives……

It’s time to live free and do a hell of a lot of spring cleaning. I am sure you are wondering again what is Ross talking about. I am talking about decluttering your living space, and life. We must begin to declutter and start to organize our thoughts and lives to atrract positivity. So, put on your shades and go out and soak up the sun and live free darling…….


Mini Guide to Living Free

1), Meditate more…. if you are new to meditation try out all of the awesome guided meditations on youtube that are free.

2). Go outside and connect with nature more….

3). Hug people more

4). STOP assuming so much

5). FALL in love

Stones to help with Relaxation and Clearing energy

Lilac Lepidolite

Smokey Quartz

Essential Oils





Tune in each and every Thursday to Healing Flo Lounge @9pm call in 646-929-2723 and press 1 to speak and add your two cents..

Peace and Blessings to you all


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