Crystals, Sage, and prayer oh, my!


Crystals, and sage mixed in with prayer is something I do everyday to stay maintained. Every woman must have jade, amazonite, golden calcite, amethyst, and malachite stones in her healing crystal kit. And to understand why make sure you pick up a copy of Honey, I’m Full Figured So What available on

Crystals contain healing properties designed to heal when wore or held during meditation. Before you start rubbing on and getting real personal with your stones remember that you must cleanse each stone. I have written a urban and chic guide to stone cleansing within Honey, I’m Full Figured So, What, to help out with preparing your stones and crystals.

Honey, you must have sage in your home at all times. Please don’t take my word for it, try it yourself and notice how calm you feel after you have saged your environment. I usually say a prayer and walk through my home clearing out all negative energies and beings.

Ladies if you would like to order sage. I am taking orders via email @
Simply send your order and I will send you a invoice and ship out your goods.

Special Sage Kit
1.25 ounce of sage
and instructions
and prayers
Total Cost: $2.50 plus shipping

Special Crystal Kit

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Accept..Move On…. and forgive


Forgiveness can really show your heart and soul. Everybody can say I am able to forgive but are they truly. We harbor so much hate and hurt after we feel like we have been betrayed to the point of plotting revenge at times. If we learn how to forgive and understand that people are doing the best they can do then love will flow….What are your opinions?