Cruel Dude Named Worry


I swear I used to wish that life had a pause button that I could push throughout the day to allow my mind to relax and release but the reality is, life didn’t come with a pause button and it damn sure didn’t come with a handy instructional manual. I am still learning that I will have my blah days and I will have my fantastical days but what I know now more than everything else is that you must learn how to just flow. Yes, I know that this is more easily said, or typed than done but once we learn how to turn off that nasty, mean darn darn right cruel dude named WORRY we will never be able to just release and let be and live… below are so release the worry strategies…

1). Go outside and vent! Talk to God

2). Take the time to breath in and just enjoy the air and how the trees sway

3). Write your prayers out and drop them into your God Box

4). Understand that life ain’t perfect and it can get darn right frightful

5). Learn how to say NO! and take care of yourself first

6). Learn how to let GOOOOOOOO( Sing that darn Frozen theme song it seems to work for me)

7). LAUGH more than your talk and cry( pop in a funny movie or call that crazy friend that makes you laugh)

8). Grab a good book and of course I always recommend any one of mines Southern Secrets, Southern Secrets 2, Honey, I’m Full Figured So What

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Meditation Gives Me So Much PEACE!!!!


I swear I left my purse inside of my house about three times to be exact and I literally had to run back in and grab it only to think about something else I was missing or had just plan on forgot. The last time I ran frantically up my stairs and into my house I stopped for a second and remembered to breath and just relax, I figured that maybe I wasn’t meant to meet my friends on time that day so I decided to just plop down on my couch and meditate. Within sections I was walking myself through a total relaxation situation and after 40 mins of a energy clearing meditation I was ready to start my journey again and believe it or not I didn’t forget my purse this time…..

Enjoy your day beautiful people and remember how important it is to STOP….and STILL the mind….

Learn How to STILL that mind of Yours!!!!!


Meditation is so essential. In order to focus and create a plan to achieve what you desire you must learn how to still that busy mind of yours and stilling your mind can be extremely difficult and stressful especially when you are running around frantically looking for just that one sweet moment of peace. I was at my ob/gyn and every woman I know is never looking forward to experience that huge violation of privacy besides me!!!!! I love the peace and quiet haven the doctors office can bring after dealing with my loud and active 3 and 5 year old and in fact I look at my ob visit as a bit of a vacation at times… I know you all are thinking Ross is insane but this was my reality until I just started to reschedule my children’s schedules around so I could get my meditation in and then I finally started to slowly incorporate meditating in with our morning and afternoon activities and believe it or NOT….It works…Now, it took me two solid weeks of them fussing and not willing to cooperate but it works!!!!!! As a busy business owner and mother I knew I had to get something going because I couldn’t pause the children and a surely couldn’t pause work…. So we must learn how to still our mind and meditate with out odd schedules for our sanity….

You can find meditation exercises in my book Honey, I’m Full Figured So What on amazon and below are a free starter tips…

Crystals ground your energy and a excellent to hold during meditation…

Grab a Lilac Lepidolite, Emerald, Gem Silica Chryscolla

hold it in your left hand and close those eyes and begin to breath in with your nose and exhale and drop those shoulders through your mouth…..

A RELAX…..RELEASE…..AND HEAL…. Join Meditating Beauties June 22, 2014 @grant park for a FREE urban chic guided meditation for more info go to I hope to see you beautiful people there and enjoy your weekend


Keeping those Kids in Order and your life…..Restoring order!!!!


It is so very difficult for mothers to keep on a schedule and at things the house goes haywire and everything is tossed up!!!! We must learn how to seek balance and execute it daily. meaning, we must schedule out our lives and complete a schedule that we ensure that you are spending time with the kiddos and spending time on healing yourself…. Order is essential to help a house and you run more effectively…

Tips on starting to GET ORDER back!!!!

1) Write down a detailed schedule and if you have no clue on how to do so….Google parent schedules online and find one that fits and even manipulate it a bit.

2). EXECUTE your schedule and stick to it. My mother would say that it takes about 2 weeks to get kids on a schedule and she was ohhh so right. So get to putting those kids on a schedule NOW……You will thank me later…..

Steps towards creating an AWESOME schedule for 8 years old and younger children

MAKE THEM TIREDDDDDD…. so plan a lot of running around, creativity filled schedules and mix in singing and dancing galore and I promise you that you will have a relaxed life

I make sure I plan outside water balloon fights, swimming, tag, and I even made a obstacle course and they were ohhhh so tired at nap time and bed time…..

3). You are the Adult so you make the rules and stick to it!!!

4). Have fun with your babies and reduce stress while playing with them and reap the benefits once they are knocked out sleep and start working on building your successful future…

Healing Flo’ Lounge!!!!


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Be Ready To Transform


On your journey towards healing it is truly a bumpy ride and scary as hell at times but nobody said transformation was easy. It’s scary to move from your comfort zone into a zone you are not so familiar with. So in order to grab at that life you want to live you must first accept transformation and be ready to transform and grow into the beautiful butterfly you are….. Cocoons are so tight and definitely uncomfortable for the butterfly so they stand still and allow life to happen and go through the process because they know the rewards will be so much better than before… They know that when they come out of that cocoon they will have beautiful wings and be able to fly but in order for that process to take place that had to become comfortable with being uncomfortable for a short time……Be Happy, comfortable, and working towards your goals while you are uncomfortable and be ready to transform into that butterfly and take off with your health, education, marriage, loving self, transformation and everything else in your life….

Enjoy your day beautiful people!

Hold on TIGHT you are about to emerge from that cocoon


A brown beautiful landed near my handle bars when I was doing some pull downs and it just sat there and sort of chilled and then it flew off and of course I googled the meaning and butterflies symbolize life and longevity and hope so then I continued to read on and it says it symbolizes transformation and as I continued to read I grew more interested in this theory so I continued reading and it said before a caterpillar transforms it’s in a cocoon and if someone helps the butterfly emerge from the cocoon it dies therefore one must transform on it’s on without the aide of others because every transformation is an intense spiritual reconnection meant to make you trust in God and learn how to trust in self