Quiet Your Mind


Life is so busy and as we know everything is so rushed it’s as if we are rushing our time here on earth as we focus on our lack of and other grips and groans. We must STOP for a second and breathe in the air around us and close our eyes to allow our ears the opportunity to hear and our body the opportunity to relax. If we rush by life not enjoying it and appreciating it then life will slip away. Once life slips away there is no bargaining to get it back so for today get off of those social media sites, telephones, and from in front of a television and go outside, twirl around, and laugh a hell of a lot. Today is truly a present so embrace it’s beauty.

Enjoy your day….. enjoy your life!!!!!

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Gardens OF Life


I was out in my garden today with my husband and as we were looking at our vegetables and fruits my husband turned to me and said, “You know we are just like those plants. You see when my plant was leaning over I went over to it and put a stick up for it to lean on and then I watered it” I looked over and I said to him that the plant is standing strong and he said, ” I gave it a shoulder to lean on and nourishing food”. I sat back and I really took it in and my husband is absolutely correct. We must feed out souls with goodness and have some good people to lean on as well. Gardening has taught me a lot about life, patience, and support on my path of growth. I know now that I need some nutrient rich soil or foundation and then some good food for my plants or soul and then lots of fresh air and nature mixed in with tons of pruning and love.

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

Peace and Blessings to you ūüôā



Ok, I must confess my house was cluttered like crazy yesterday and with a 3 and 5 year old running around I am sure it will be cluttered and jacked up before I finish writing this post. My husband and I decided to go through each room in our house and CLEAR it out. Now, this wasn’t a easy task in fact it was the most horrible experience. I had to actually throw papers and things away that I had held onto for years. I am not sure why? but I think I am a mini hoarder and my husband is a super hoarder and then we had these little baby hoarders so it was time to clear out our space so we could begin to breathe better AND MAKE ROOM FOR NEW THINGS!

Sure enough as soon as I cleared everything out I swear I could feel the positive energy swarm in. Sometimes its imperative to clear out junky things, people and situations in order to clear the space for positivity to manifest. True enough it’s difficult to toss away broken things because deep down inside you just know that the items can be repaired but they are just sitting in your space broken and with that broken energy surrounding it so be ok with trashing things that are broken, messy, and trashy……Make way for things that are fixed and working.




Sometimes blessings come to you in the most strangest ways but we must learn to look at every situation as lessons and blessings. Here is a mini story for you.

My energy levels were depleted and I was barely rolling out of the bed to complete my daily task. I had gained a load of additional weight and was sooooooo sluggish. So after my morning meditation one day I decided to pray about it and leave it in my GOD BOX… I asked God to help me get my energy back and the desire to work out more. So I went on about my life and didn’t think twice about my prayer. Maybe the second week I started to feel funny and dizzy after drinking and eating certain unhealthy things. So being the hypochondriac I am I rushed down to the¬†emergency room and ordered every dang on test I could order and after the result came back and everything was fine I just knew that I was going crazy.

Honestly, I was eating foods and drinking beverages that were caffeine and preservative infused but I couldn’t stop on my own. I was addicted and 30 days without my caffeine would have¬†killed me or so I thought.¬†Now, remember when I¬†typed about¬†putting my prayers in my God Box about increasing my¬†energy and great health? Well, I guess God was like let me MAKE her stop because she is hardheaded and never just listens.¬†¬† So, my body was sort of forced into a organic and juicing fast which did increase my energy and then I even started a daily workout routine. I have gained soooooooo much energy and I am no longer feeling so sluggish. The moral of this story is simple ask and ye shall receive and know that¬†blessings rain down even in the oddest forms. So when you can’t pay that cable bill maybe your butt doesn’t need to look at all of that negativity on the television or if you don’t have extra money to go eat out at your favorite restaurant, maybe you don’t need to stuff all of that processed stuff into your body. Divine Intervention will come in and turn things upside down and all around only to protect you. Now, if we all viewed life like this then maybe we wouldn’t be so frazzled when things don’t go how WE plan it to go….

Love Where You Are At Right Now In Life


I often over hear people saying, if I just had this or that I would be happier and at peace. Now, true enough I would love to have a maid right about now and a trip to the beach would be lovely but nothing is going to stop me from being happy right now. I want you to just think for a second or two about how blessed you are at the moment. You are able to see this post which means you have internet connection at your finger tips. Do you know how many people at this very moment are lacking internet? You are blessed! You are able to clearly see what I am typing. Do you know how many people are blind? We must learn how to rejoice and be happy with what we got at the moment. True enough you may want more but learn how to be happy where you are at….. If you don’t have a dime in your account like me…. learn how to rejoice and be happy where you are at……..

How to Love Where You Are At Right Now>>>>>>>>

1). Enjoy nature….Honey, nature is free and so much more entertaining than television….Take a walk, hike, or sit by some water and just breathe

2). Stop WORRYING…worrying never manifested more money it just manifest more lack…..

3). Read more…..and more of any of my books would be great…… Honey, I’m Full Figured So What, Honey, Your Shoes Ain’t Nothing New, Southern Secrets, Southern Secrets 2

4). Stop and really look at all the things that make you happy right now…. Not the job you need, house you need, car you need, meaningless stuff you need, and relationship with others you need…..

5). Play that dang on HAPPY song and dance really wild and free…. TRUST ME this works…I am about to play it right now…


Wounded Healer… Say What?


I was passing a church near my home and on the billboard in large letters I saw the phrase WOUNDED HEALER and I started to think that hey, that’s me, a wounded healer. I have been through so much pain and heartache that I can just about relate to a variety of testimonies and have a gift that seems like a curse at times. The gift of feeling¬†the pain and issues of others and being able to relate because I am a wounded healer or better yet I am extremely empathic. Empathy can create a load of issues.¬†If you are an empath or wounded healer you must learn how to separate yourself from stressful situations and scenarios that don’t belong to you. Because of your helpfulness and ability to relate to others you are now carrying around feelings that your don’t own and in this case your wounds are reopened and you are back in your head again with a thousand and one fears, anxieties and woes that have been dumped over¬†and onto¬†you. It is so imperative for empaths or wounded healers to center and clear self regularly.

I am sure you are wondering, how do I center and clear myself and I have a couple of exercises I do. After a client or friend has dumped a boat load of issues onto me I quickly do a chakra clearing meditation, brisk walk on a nature trail, and take a long essential oil and sea salt bath to sort of clear myself. So, if you are a wounded healer/ empathy try some of these activities to clear your energy.

If you are interested in more strategies go to amazon and grab Honey, I’m Full Figured So What by Ross Wright, myself,¬†which has a healing guide or cleansing guide in the back and remember pray and meditate a heck of a lot..

Enjoy your Sunday!!!!



Far too often I find that people are living and doing things just to impress others. If we learn how to impress ourselves I swear there will be less heart ailments and stress related deaths. We must all learn how to say, “I love myself wherever I am at in life”, and stop beating¬†ourselves up and just learn how to live¬†and love ourselves again.¬† I run across so many people wearing fake masks for so long that they no longer know who they are and what makes them happy. Honey, take that mask off, it doesn’t look good on you and learn¬†how to be authentically you and the best at it. IMPRESS YOURSELF


1). Pray about it( put it in your God Box)

2). Affirm your life daily AND Meditate

3). Laugh a hell of a lot

4). DANCE and not worry about how you look

5). Did I say laugh a hell of a lot….laugh a hell of a lot

6). Don’t get stuck in VICTIM MODE take your power back


Motherhood WOES!!!!!


Ok, I’m a mother now; so that means I give up my dreams to work myself into the ground and bring home a ton of money and buy my children tons of meaningless shit…….right? Well, I am facing a battle I am sure plenty of mothers face day to day which is the decision to work, work, work¬†or be broke, broke, broke. True enough we want to best for our children but¬†sometimes I think we are forced into a corner of turning our children over to nurseries and after care programs due to our work schedules. Well, we have to¬†make money…right? The children must eat and¬†have clothes and even participate in a extracurricular activity or two, and that¬†stuff cost money and the last time I checked money didn’t just blossom off¬† of a¬†tree you had to earn it. ¬†

This dilemma is faced by so many parents that I know and its a dilemma that I face. We have too many children growing up without a solid foundation but the little crumb snatchers have the¬†hottest shoes, electronic devices, and snacks piled up a mile or so high. It’s as if our priorities have shifted just so we can keep up with material things.

Of course I want to travel the ocean blue and buy all of those hot diet system fads but I think I am just going to focus on investing time in my family now I must admit this is not how I had pictured it. I just knew that I would have a¬†career that I knew would take me away from my children and husband but at least I would have had tons of money for my children’s therapy sessions and bail money. I work but I made sure to work in such a way that I still have time to be around my family and actively raise my children. I would love to hear you views….

Get Back Satan!!!!


I knew you all would love the title but this should be a phrase that you say often…. Let me tell you something as soon as you start to walk a righteous path I swear the enemy will throw fear, shame, and anxiety in your way to stop you from living your purpose and doing right. Example….. If you are walking right, happy, and healthy and caring for others a test will be thrown in your path almost instantly to make you NOT want to forgive, NOT want to fight for your family, Not want to trust, Not want to be at peace. We must understand that a fear of anything is not of God and learn how to shout out Get Back Satan and mean it.

Take back your life NOW and affirm it!!!!!

Forgive and Live!!!!!


A lot of my post are about true forgiveness and I am sure you all are wondering why? Well, I can only speak on my personal experiences and forgiveness has been something that I have struggled with for a long time. I would say, yeah, I forgive you but deep down inside I was still hurting so bad. I was hurting so bad that illness started to physically manifest and no anxiety meds, teas, or alcohol could numb the pain I was feeling. I had to pause and reflect, pray, meditate and trust on my faith. Its not a quick fix healing is constantly occurring. We must learn how to forgive, love, heal and live….

Steps Towards FORGIVING

1). Pray a heck of a lot.. start by putting a prayer in your God Box

2). Meditate a heck of a lot

3). The most important one…..TRUST in God a heck of a lot

Relax, release, forgive, and love then watch how your life will change for the better……