Get Back Satan!!!!


I knew you all would love the title but this should be a phrase that you say often…. Let me tell you something as soon as you start to walk a righteous path I swear the enemy will throw fear, shame, and anxiety in your way to stop you from living your purpose and doing right. Example….. If you are walking right, happy, and healthy and caring for others a test will be thrown in your path almost instantly to make you NOT want to forgive, NOT want to fight for your family, Not want to trust, Not want to be at peace. We must understand that a fear of anything is not of God and learn how to shout out Get Back Satan and mean it.

Take back your life NOW and affirm it!!!!!

Forgive and Live!!!!!


A lot of my post are about true forgiveness and I am sure you all are wondering why? Well, I can only speak on my personal experiences and forgiveness has been something that I have struggled with for a long time. I would say, yeah, I forgive you but deep down inside I was still hurting so bad. I was hurting so bad that illness started to physically manifest and no anxiety meds, teas, or alcohol could numb the pain I was feeling. I had to pause and reflect, pray, meditate and trust on my faith. Its not a quick fix healing is constantly occurring. We must learn how to forgive, love, heal and live….

Steps Towards FORGIVING

1). Pray a heck of a lot.. start by putting a prayer in your God Box

2). Meditate a heck of a lot

3). The most important one…..TRUST in God a heck of a lot

Relax, release, forgive, and love then watch how your life will change for the better……

Forgive but trusting again is another story!!!!!!


True enough we must all forgive and move on when we are done wrong but trusting again is another story.

Forgiveness is golden and at some point in our lives we must drop the desire to seek revenge as a means to feeling better. We must forgive and clear our hearts but trusting again is another story. We must understand that trust must be earned again through open dialogue and hearts.

I can only share my own experiences and I have had to do a shit load of forgiving in my lifetime and let me tell you it hasn’t been a easy road to travel along. Trusting a individual that has done you wrong is so difficult and one must not confuse forgiving with trusting or think that it goes hand in hand. You must be able to trust in order to function in any relationship from friendship to romantic ones. Being able to release all barriers and trusting after betrayal is difficult to achieve.

I would love to hear your views on this and make sure to tune in on Thursday @9pm call in- 646-929-2723 to talk about trust, sexuality and the need to release!!!!!    

GOD BOX!!!!!!


We all need a god box and I am sure you are asking why? Well, I pray and place my prayers in a God Box as a way of releasing them to God, totally and completely. I step away from my prayers and rest easy on my faith that my prayers will be answered and will be delivered.

So today go out and get a box, any ole box and then sit down and write out to God your worries and concerns and then tuck it away in your GOD Box and then walk away from it and trust…

Some stones to work on increasing faith

Try meditating with Amethyst or a Labradorite stone and make sure you cleanse the stones using the stone cleansing technique explained in Honey, I’m Full Figured So What on