Let’s Talk About Sisterhood and Rose Quartz Crystals !


Ladies, why don’t we support each other? It seems to always be about competition when it comes to ladies supporting each other. I see the men coming together and high fiving all of the time yet we pass each other in the streets with our noses turned up in the air. It’s time to heal and repair and most importantly it’s time to love and support each other. I encourage you all to participate in the do something positive for at least two women on tomorrow. The acts of kindness can be rather random and just make sure its love infused.


Compliment another woman

Network with another woman

Support a business owned by a woman

Support a author that’s a woman ( wink, wink me Ross Wright) and promote and purchase their books

Call a friend and tell them how fab they are.

Crystal of the DAY:::::ROSE QUARTZ

Meditate with this crystal and do a heart chakra guided meditation while holding rose quartz….Rose Quartz supports heart healing, and increase compassion


Jealousy… A disease?


People are so jealous and just not happy for people who are moving ahead of them in any kind of way. Women have gotten so competitive that we have forgotten to support each other. It saddens me that so many people harbor hate within their hearts. Let’s just learn how to love and live!