Forgive but trusting again is another story!!!!!!


True enough we must all forgive and move on when we are done wrong but trusting again is another story.

Forgiveness is golden and at some point in our lives we must drop the desire to seek revenge as a means to feeling better. We must forgive and clear our hearts but trusting again is another story. We must understand that trust must be earned again through open dialogue and hearts.

I can only share my own experiences and I have had to do a shit load of forgiving in my lifetime and let me tell you it hasn’t been a easy road to travel along. Trusting a individual that has done you wrong is so difficult and one must not confuse forgiving with trusting or think that it goes hand in hand. You must be able to trust in order to function in any relationship from friendship to romantic ones. Being able to release all barriers and trusting after betrayal is difficult to achieve.

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