Now….About those Gardens…..


Gardens can teach you so much about life and living. I am sure most of you are wondering how can a garden teach about life? and those of you who are wise already understand that it is a must to start a garden to merely confirm what you are learning about life. Now…. when I first started my garden I had a mixture of fruits and vegetables all in one closed in area and some plants brought specific types of insects and other repelled insects but I had to plant plenty of seeds and even a variety of seeds to figure out which ones would be a great fit for my gardens environment. We, as in…. humans tend to plant a variety of seeds not knowing which ones will kill the other or support the other we just throw them all into the garden and watch as they grow and then we typically move things around and even out of our gardens. Everything PLANTED and every seed sown is NOT meant to stay in your gardens if you expect your garden to flourish. One must tend to their garden and clear out weeds, and bug just as we must know when to uproot relationships and negative situations in our lives. Just like plants in our gardens that decay we must learn how to uproot and toss out decaying and diseased relationships we wouldn’t want to KEEP attracting disease causing bugs into our gardens now would we? Enjoy your Sunday and if you are in Atlanta come join us @Grant Park each and every Sunday for a Sunset Meditation Mixer…….

Peace and Blessings to you all…

The powers of Malachite


I was given a box filled with green stones that once belonged to my grandmother.  I held onto to these stones and didn’t find out what they were until I was 30 years old. The broken stones were Malachite and oh, my did I need them in my life.

I started researching stones and I found out that this was a protective stone that any sensitive person should wear. Of course I started meditating with malachite and wearing it daily to protect my auric field.


Chakra: Heart

Healing Uses: Protection, cleansing, enhanced immune system, relaxes the nervous system, insomnia, and even joint pain

How to use: I usually meditate with my stones but before I wear them I make sure to cleanse them and pray over them. I am sure this seems odd to most but it has proven to help my heart chakra and cleanse out negativity along with meditation and prayer…

Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.

Accept..Move On…. and forgive


Forgiveness can really show your heart and soul. Everybody can say I am able to forgive but are they truly. We harbor so much hate and hurt after we feel like we have been betrayed to the point of plotting revenge at times. If we learn how to forgive and understand that people are doing the best they can do then love will flow….What are your opinions?