Time to drop backbiting, slander, gossiping, lying, covetousness, fornication, adultery and be real doers and hearers of the word of God…

May blessing flow over each and every one of you today….

Love and Laugh Just a Little Bit More….please!!!


Life is a wild, crazy, and extreme ride. As I go through my ups and then my downs there is one thing constant I am still standing through it all. Now, I can sit and ponder over all of the things that are lacking in my life and all of the to do list I have scattered around my house but at this very moment I have decided to chill….laugh….love….and just flow. Worrying has never caused any problems to cease in fact worrying brings about more stress and a load of anxiety so the solution for me to the pull myself up and show love, be willing to accept love and laugh a lot. So can you join one for one entire week of no negativity, no hate, no frustration but a week filled with prayer, praise, and showing love the way God intended us to be. Think about how Jesus died to save somebody like you and me yet we refuse to forgive people and show the same love and compassion for human kind. It’s time to stop, drop baggage off, love more and laugh with some positive people….

Enjoy your week and may it be filled with peace, joy, praise, and love in the name of Jesus……



Sometimes blessings come to you in the most strangest ways but we must learn to look at every situation as lessons and blessings. Here is a mini story for you.

My energy levels were depleted and I was barely rolling out of the bed to complete my daily task. I had gained a load of additional weight and was sooooooo sluggish. So after my morning meditation one day I decided to pray about it and leave it in my GOD BOX… I asked God to help me get my energy back and the desire to work out more. So I went on about my life and didn’t think twice about my prayer. Maybe the second week I started to feel funny and dizzy after drinking and eating certain unhealthy things. So being the hypochondriac I am I rushed down to the emergency room and ordered every dang on test I could order and after the result came back and everything was fine I just knew that I was going crazy.

Honestly, I was eating foods and drinking beverages that were caffeine and preservative infused but I couldn’t stop on my own. I was addicted and 30 days without my caffeine would have killed me or so I thought. Now, remember when I typed about putting my prayers in my God Box about increasing my energy and great health? Well, I guess God was like let me MAKE her stop because she is hardheaded and never just listens.   So, my body was sort of forced into a organic and juicing fast which did increase my energy and then I even started a daily workout routine. I have gained soooooooo much energy and I am no longer feeling so sluggish. The moral of this story is simple ask and ye shall receive and know that blessings rain down even in the oddest forms. So when you can’t pay that cable bill maybe your butt doesn’t need to look at all of that negativity on the television or if you don’t have extra money to go eat out at your favorite restaurant, maybe you don’t need to stuff all of that processed stuff into your body. Divine Intervention will come in and turn things upside down and all around only to protect you. Now, if we all viewed life like this then maybe we wouldn’t be so frazzled when things don’t go how WE plan it to go….

Forgive and Live!!!!!


A lot of my post are about true forgiveness and I am sure you all are wondering why? Well, I can only speak on my personal experiences and forgiveness has been something that I have struggled with for a long time. I would say, yeah, I forgive you but deep down inside I was still hurting so bad. I was hurting so bad that illness started to physically manifest and no anxiety meds, teas, or alcohol could numb the pain I was feeling. I had to pause and reflect, pray, meditate and trust on my faith. Its not a quick fix healing is constantly occurring. We must learn how to forgive, love, heal and live….

Steps Towards FORGIVING

1). Pray a heck of a lot.. start by putting a prayer in your God Box

2). Meditate a heck of a lot

3). The most important one…..TRUST in God a heck of a lot

Relax, release, forgive, and love then watch how your life will change for the better……

Oracle Card of the Day


I used my Archangel Michael Deck today and the card of the day is:::::


The prayer on the card: Thank you for motivating me to spend more time outdoors and for helping me relax and enjoy connecting with nature…


Go outside and get some fresh air. Actually close your eyes and take in the sounds and smells and just relax and breathe


Use a moss agate, and carnelian stones during meditation

Please leave other comments on how to connect with nature and relieve stress on the blog

BEWARE of people that DRAIN YOU!!!!!


We understand that our thoughts and energy are rapidly moving around in the universe. Therefore from time to time we must ground our energy or even transmute negative energy that has attached to us….For example you break up with a guy or lady and you still have pictures or objects in your house that remind you of them and seeing those objects can stir up emotions and feelings. So lets do a declutter and disconnection exercise…

1). THROW away all objects and items that belonged to that person( believe it or not these things hold energy)

2). Before you meditate say a prayer asking for all negative thoughts and resentment feelings be turned into positive ones

pray for detachment emotional, and physical attachment from the person and their thoughts

3). Meditate with carnelian  . Why carnelian? because it protects from harmful thoughts, enchantments, negative energy and Blue  Chalcedony

I recommend meditating with and wearing these two stones to help strengthen your aura and lessen the opportunity of energy vampires and harmful thoughtforms…..Now, I am sure some of you are like what in the heck am I talking about…To learn more tune into The Healing Flo Lounge YouTube channel and check out Honey, I’m Full Figured So What for healing guides..

Forgiveness using Apache Tear and Rose Quartz


Forgiveness is so difficult for people to do. We say we haven’t forgiven those that have hurt us but there is still vengeful thoughts and hate. We must drop that ego off down the road and start loving more. I am sure you think you are the most perfect person and everybody else has a problem and if you are thinking like that it is time to self-reflect….

Self-Reflect Steps

1). Could I have said something differently

2). Were my gestures negative

3). How to understand that humans are humans and stop trying to figure out how people feel.


To work on forgiveness we must work on our heart chakra and the two stones I suggest to hold during a heart chakra guided meditation is the rose quartz and apache tear…. For prayers or meditation methods go to Healing Flo Lounge on YouTube and download the free copy of Honey, I’m Full Figured So What available on amazon