Love, Forgive and Live


I think it’s rather simple yet people make this love thing extremely complex. People are running around not even speaking to parents, siblings, aunts, friends, co-workers, even strangers and uncles too.

I realized that life is far too precious to hold grudges and anger towards others when we can be happy, full of laughter, and sharing love instead of cold shoulders and frowns. I can’t express it enough. Love is the key to living a happy life.

Trust me I am not perfect and problems come up but I try my best to share love, joy and most importantly understanding. We must become more compassionate and loving so drop the attitude and replace it with real love…..

Enjoy your week and show LOVE a lot!!!

It’s a New Year


I say that my gift of writing is truly unique and special and as I go into this New Year I just give God thanks for blessing me with the gift of storytelling, translation, and poetic flow. Writing stories heal me as well as heal and entertain my readers. It’s a New Year so drop all the anxiety and give it to a character you create.

Peace…..Love….and Blessings to you

Inner healing is a must


It’s time to heal our hearts. I mean truly heal from all past pain and learn how to truly accept people and learn not to lean on expectations.

As we come into this New Year vow to release hate, the need to analyze reactions so much, and truly forgive…

We must focus on appreciating ourselves and stop seeking appreciation from others because the only person you can depend on is God, Jesus and your angels and of course yourself. So as we come into 2014 let’s focus on cleaning up our heart and soul…