Cruel Dude Named Worry


I swear I used to wish that life had a pause button that I could push throughout the day to allow my mind to relax and release but the reality is, life didn’t come with a pause button and it damn sure didn’t come with a handy instructional manual. I am still learning that I will have my blah days and I will have my fantastical days but what I know now more than everything else is that you must learn how to just flow. Yes, I know that this is more easily said, or typed than done but once we learn how to turn off that nasty, mean darn darn right cruel dude named WORRY we will never be able to just release and let be and live… below are so release the worry strategies…

1). Go outside and vent! Talk to God

2). Take the time to breath in and just enjoy the air and how the trees sway

3). Write your prayers out and drop them into your God Box

4). Understand that life ain’t perfect and it can get darn right frightful

5). Learn how to say NO! and take care of yourself first

6). Learn how to let GOOOOOOOO( Sing that darn Frozen theme song it seems to work for me)

7). LAUGH more than your talk and cry( pop in a funny movie or call that crazy friend that makes you laugh)

8). Grab a good book and of course I always recommend any one of mines Southern Secrets, Southern Secrets 2, Honey, I’m Full Figured So What

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Forgive but trusting again is another story!!!!!!


True enough we must all forgive and move on when we are done wrong but trusting again is another story.

Forgiveness is golden and at some point in our lives we must drop the desire to seek revenge as a means to feeling better. We must forgive and clear our hearts but trusting again is another story. We must understand that trust must be earned again through open dialogue and hearts.

I can only share my own experiences and I have had to do a shit load of forgiving in my lifetime and let me tell you it hasn’t been a easy road to travel along. Trusting a individual that has done you wrong is so difficult and one must not confuse forgiving with trusting or think that it goes hand in hand. You must be able to trust in order to function in any relationship from friendship to romantic ones. Being able to release all barriers and trusting after betrayal is difficult to achieve.

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