Writers Mind




It’s racing at a pace I can’t even calculate. My creativity is overflowing AND starting to spew out onto blank screens. Producing masterpieces of black splashes laid neatly onto rows with elegant pearl white backdrops. I can’t explain it and nevertheless contain it. This story in my mind and heart must be birthed  out……..it has to be birthed and not aborted for this is too great of a work brewing ready to intoxicate the minds of readers here and there. These labor pains are a bit intense just bare with me for a bit…..

Peace…….love…..and write your heart out……….

Love and Laugh Just a Little Bit More….please!!!


Life is a wild, crazy, and extreme ride. As I go through my ups and then my downs there is one thing constant I am still standing through it all. Now, I can sit and ponder over all of the things that are lacking in my life and all of the to do list I have scattered around my house but at this very moment I have decided to chill….laugh….love….and just flow. Worrying has never caused any problems to cease in fact worrying brings about more stress and a load of anxiety so the solution for me to the pull myself up and show love, be willing to accept love and laugh a lot. So can you join one for one entire week of no negativity, no hate, no frustration but a week filled with prayer, praise, and showing love the way God intended us to be. Think about how Jesus died to save somebody like you and me yet we refuse to forgive people and show the same love and compassion for human kind. It’s time to stop, drop baggage off, love more and laugh with some positive people….

Enjoy your week and may it be filled with peace, joy, praise, and love in the name of Jesus……

Worry Warts?????


Did you know that worrying grows warts? Well, of course it doesn’t literally grow huge warts but it does cause disease, stress and those damn winkles. We must learn how to go for creative outlets rather than holding all of our fears, anger, resentments inside. So, we all know that worrying is a no-no yet we still are all worrying even as I type this blog entry. There are ways to sort of readjust your desire to stay stuck in the worry phase.

I want you all to repeat this over and over again until it sticks……..I am at peace and I am better than ok….. Now, I want you to actually believe it and I know that’s more easily said than done and we all seem to want QUICK results. Well, honey let me tell you there is nothing quick about healing that nasty habit of worrying. We worry about what our neighbors think, if our friends are loyal, if we will have enough money to live but all of that worrying usually never helps to get anything done in fact it seems to get worse at times. You must stop and learn how to silence the mind. Whenever you get frazzled and start worrying about a ton of mess, simply stop and center yourself by using meditation and a grounding stone. Grab a smokey quartz and a headphone and follow a guided meditation and then work out to burn off all of that worry and stress.


1). Work-Out More( believe it or not working out releasing a lot of anxiety and stress

2). Meditate more( relax, and release more)

3). STOP hanging around complainers and sad people that negativity rubs off on you.

4). Burn a lot of sage and essential oils

5). LIVE for the present and stop looking back at that past and stop worrying about the future..

6). KEEP thoughts positive

Stones to help with anxiety and worrying

1). Amazonite

2). Citrine


Essential Oils





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Peace and Blessings to