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Wounded Healer… Say What?


I was passing a church near my home and on the billboard in large letters I saw the phrase WOUNDED HEALER and I started to think that hey, that’s me, a wounded healer. I have been through so much pain and heartache that I can just about relate to a variety of testimonies and have a gift that seems like a curse at times. The gift of feeling the pain and issues of others and being able to relate because I am a wounded healer or better yet I am extremely empathic. Empathy can create a load of issues. If you are an empath or wounded healer you must learn how to separate yourself from stressful situations and scenarios that don’t belong to you. Because of your helpfulness and ability to relate to others you are now carrying around feelings that your don’t own and in this case your wounds are reopened and you are back in your head again with a thousand and one fears, anxieties and woes that have been dumped over and onto you. It is so imperative for empaths or wounded healers to center and clear self regularly.

I am sure you are wondering, how do I center and clear myself and I have a couple of exercises I do. After a client or friend has dumped a boat load of issues onto me I quickly do a chakra clearing meditation, brisk walk on a nature trail, and take a long essential oil and sea salt bath to sort of clear myself. So, if you are a wounded healer/ empathy try some of these activities to clear your energy.

If you are interested in more strategies go to amazon and grab Honey, I’m Full Figured So What by Ross Wright, myself, which has a healing guide or cleansing guide in the back and remember pray and meditate a heck of a lot..

Enjoy your Sunday!!!!



Far too often I find that people are living and doing things just to impress others. If we learn how to impress ourselves I swear there will be less heart ailments and stress related deaths. We must all learn how to say, “I love myself wherever I am at in life”, and stop beating ourselves up and just learn how to live and love ourselves again.  I run across so many people wearing fake masks for so long that they no longer know who they are and what makes them happy. Honey, take that mask off, it doesn’t look good on you and learn how to be authentically you and the best at it. IMPRESS YOURSELF


1). Pray about it( put it in your God Box)

2). Affirm your life daily AND Meditate

3). Laugh a hell of a lot

4). DANCE and not worry about how you look

5). Did I say laugh a hell of a lot….laugh a hell of a lot

6). Don’t get stuck in VICTIM MODE take your power back


The powers of Malachite


I was given a box filled with green stones that once belonged to my grandmother.  I held onto to these stones and didn’t find out what they were until I was 30 years old. The broken stones were Malachite and oh, my did I need them in my life.

I started researching stones and I found out that this was a protective stone that any sensitive person should wear. Of course I started meditating with malachite and wearing it daily to protect my auric field.


Chakra: Heart

Healing Uses: Protection, cleansing, enhanced immune system, relaxes the nervous system, insomnia, and even joint pain

How to use: I usually meditate with my stones but before I wear them I make sure to cleanse them and pray over them. I am sure this seems odd to most but it has proven to help my heart chakra and cleanse out negativity along with meditation and prayer…

Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.