GOD BOX!!!!!!


We all need a god box and I am sure you are asking why? Well, I pray and place my prayers in a God Box as a way of releasing them to God, totally and completely. I step away from my prayers and rest easy on my faith that my prayers will be answered and will be delivered.

So today go out and get a box, any ole box and then sit down and write out to God your worries and concerns and then tuck it away in your GOD Box and then walk away from it and trust…

Some stones to work on increasing faith

Try meditating with Amethyst or a Labradorite stone and make sure you cleanse the stones using the stone cleansing technique explained in Honey, I’m Full Figured So What on amazon.com


Opinionated or JUDGMENTAL…..


Just imagine how much positive energy could be spread if we could just change our thoughts. Thoughts believe it or not are extremely powerful. For the day…Just pay attention to and jot down your thoughts and negative remarks. Let’s try to speak and think in positive and progressive ways. It’s fine to have an opinion but no so ok to be judgmental .

For example

Person says: “She wears too much make-up, that’s fake”—–It’s your opinion that  maybe person A wears too much make-up but that’s being judgmental to say that makes that person fake…..

Let’s stop categorizing and just start appreciating others for differences and if they are different to us doesn’t make them flawed or negative

To work on producing more positive thought forms  try meditating with Turquoise, and Hornblende stones and try wearing pieces of jewelry with these stones in it.

To leave more about stones and healing check out and download your free copy of Honey, I’m Full Figured So What on amazon… 

BEWARE of people that DRAIN YOU!!!!!


We understand that our thoughts and energy are rapidly moving around in the universe. Therefore from time to time we must ground our energy or even transmute negative energy that has attached to us….For example you break up with a guy or lady and you still have pictures or objects in your house that remind you of them and seeing those objects can stir up emotions and feelings. So lets do a declutter and disconnection exercise…

1). THROW away all objects and items that belonged to that person( believe it or not these things hold energy)

2). Before you meditate say a prayer asking for all negative thoughts and resentment feelings be turned into positive ones

pray for detachment emotional, and physical attachment from the person and their thoughts

3). Meditate with carnelian  . Why carnelian? because it protects from harmful thoughts, enchantments, negative energy and Blue  Chalcedony

I recommend meditating with and wearing these two stones to help strengthen your aura and lessen the opportunity of energy vampires and harmful thoughtforms…..Now, I am sure some of you are like what in the heck am I talking about…To learn more tune into The Healing Flo Lounge YouTube channel and check out Honey, I’m Full Figured So What for healing guides..

Let’s Talk About Sisterhood and Rose Quartz Crystals !


Ladies, why don’t we support each other? It seems to always be about competition when it comes to ladies supporting each other. I see the men coming together and high fiving all of the time yet we pass each other in the streets with our noses turned up in the air. It’s time to heal and repair and most importantly it’s time to love and support each other. I encourage you all to participate in the do something positive for at least two women on tomorrow. The acts of kindness can be rather random and just make sure its love infused.


Compliment another woman

Network with another woman

Support a business owned by a woman

Support a author that’s a woman ( wink, wink me Ross Wright) and promote and purchase their books

Call a friend and tell them how fab they are.

Crystal of the DAY:::::ROSE QUARTZ

Meditate with this crystal and do a heart chakra guided meditation while holding rose quartz….Rose Quartz supports heart healing, and increase compassion

The powers of Malachite


I was given a box filled with green stones that once belonged to my grandmother.  I held onto to these stones and didn’t find out what they were until I was 30 years old. The broken stones were Malachite and oh, my did I need them in my life.

I started researching stones and I found out that this was a protective stone that any sensitive person should wear. Of course I started meditating with malachite and wearing it daily to protect my auric field.


Chakra: Heart

Healing Uses: Protection, cleansing, enhanced immune system, relaxes the nervous system, insomnia, and even joint pain

How to use: I usually meditate with my stones but before I wear them I make sure to cleanse them and pray over them. I am sure this seems odd to most but it has proven to help my heart chakra and cleanse out negativity along with meditation and prayer…

Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.

Inner healing is a must


It’s time to heal our hearts. I mean truly heal from all past pain and learn how to truly accept people and learn not to lean on expectations.

As we come into this New Year vow to release hate, the need to analyze reactions so much, and truly forgive…

We must focus on appreciating ourselves and stop seeking appreciation from others because the only person you can depend on is God, Jesus and your angels and of course yourself. So as we come into 2014 let’s focus on cleaning up our heart and soul…