A Writers Mind is INTENSE


I haven’t had a night like this in quite sometime. Maybe it’s the wind or rain that has placed me in a state of thought. My thoughts are pumping rapidly and I can barely put them together. The wind is no longer calming me it’s evoking me to sit up and write out my thoughts as they come into my mind. I have been on this yo-yo trip. Going up and down…..back and forth not wanting to stop figuring and readjusting plans and plots. I thought I had it all figured out and mapped out….the plot lines of course. But somehow I started writing and my story went into a direction that had the characters confused and me too. My story became a bit drastic and even something eerie mixed with comic relief mixed with reality. I am well pass my bedtime but this storyline must be revamped line by line. The mind of a writer is quite intense…

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Opinionated or JUDGMENTAL…..


Just imagine how much positive energy could be spread if we could just change our thoughts. Thoughts believe it or not are extremely powerful. For the day…Just pay attention to and jot down your thoughts and negative remarks. Let’s try to speak and think in positive and progressive ways. It’s fine to have an opinion but no so ok to be judgmental .

For example

Person says: “She wears too much make-up, that’s fake”—–It’s your opinion that  maybe person A wears too much make-up but that’s being judgmental to say that makes that person fake…..

Let’s stop categorizing and just start appreciating others for differences and if they are different to us doesn’t make them flawed or negative

To work on producing more positive thought forms  try meditating with Turquoise, and Hornblende stones and try wearing pieces of jewelry with these stones in it.

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