Trust issues can create Fibroids… Oh my!


Trust issues, I am sure we have all encountered them or hopefully not. But if we are encountering them we must begin dealing with the root of our issues and the ROOT CHAKRA.. Meditation, color therapy, and crystal therapy can be used in a powerful combination along with diet improvements to work on preventing illness and healing emotional trauma….
I am an African American woman and the women in my family all have fibroids and ironically we all have trust issues now my claim is that these trust issues are generational and that by healing the root if an issue can heal physical ailments as well.. Therefore, we must focus on healing our root, sacral chakras from generational issues that could have very well emerged from enslavement… Now, my theory goes deeper but you must wait for the second book in the Honey, Let’s Heal series on amazon

But for now go grab carnelian, red jasper, and garnet and start meditating…. Check out guided meditation on Healing Flo Lounge YouTube channel