Motherhood WOES!!!!!


Ok, I’m a mother now; so that means I give up my dreams to work myself into the ground and bring home a ton of money and buy my children tons of meaningless shit…….right? Well, I am facing a battle I am sure plenty of mothers face day to day which is the decision to work, work, work or be broke, broke, broke. True enough we want to best for our children but sometimes I think we are forced into a corner of turning our children over to nurseries and after care programs due to our work schedules. Well, we have to make money…right? The children must eat and have clothes and even participate in a extracurricular activity or two, and that stuff cost money and the last time I checked money didn’t just blossom off  of a tree you had to earn it.  

This dilemma is faced by so many parents that I know and its a dilemma that I face. We have too many children growing up without a solid foundation but the little crumb snatchers have the hottest shoes, electronic devices, and snacks piled up a mile or so high. It’s as if our priorities have shifted just so we can keep up with material things.

Of course I want to travel the ocean blue and buy all of those hot diet system fads but I think I am just going to focus on investing time in my family now I must admit this is not how I had pictured it. I just knew that I would have a career that I knew would take me away from my children and husband but at least I would have had tons of money for my children’s therapy sessions and bail money. I work but I made sure to work in such a way that I still have time to be around my family and actively raise my children. I would love to hear you views….