Keeping those Kids in Order and your life…..Restoring order!!!!


It is so very difficult for mothers to keep on a schedule and at things the house goes haywire and everything is tossed up!!!! We must learn how to seek balance and execute it daily. meaning, we must schedule out our lives and complete a schedule that we ensure that you are spending time with the kiddos and spending time on healing yourself…. Order is essential to help a house and you run more effectively…

Tips on starting to GET ORDER back!!!!

1) Write down a detailed schedule and if you have no clue on how to do so….Google parent schedules online and find one that fits and even manipulate it a bit.

2). EXECUTE your schedule and stick to it. My mother would say that it takes about 2 weeks to get kids on a schedule and she was ohhh so right. So get to putting those kids on a schedule NOW……You will thank me later…..

Steps towards creating an AWESOME schedule for 8 years old and younger children

MAKE THEM TIREDDDDDD…. so plan a lot of running around, creativity filled schedules and mix in singing and dancing galore and I promise you that you will have a relaxed life

I make sure I plan outside water balloon fights, swimming, tag, and I even made a obstacle course and they were ohhhh so tired at nap time and bed time…..

3). You are the Adult so you make the rules and stick to it!!!

4). Have fun with your babies and reduce stress while playing with them and reap the benefits once they are knocked out sleep and start working on building your successful future…