Worry Warts?????


Did you know that worrying grows warts? Well, of course it doesn’t literally grow huge warts but it does cause disease, stress and those damn winkles. We must learn how to go for creative outlets rather than holding all of our fears, anger, resentments inside. So, we all know that worrying is a no-no yet we still are all worrying even as I type this blog entry. There are ways to sort of readjust your desire to stay stuck in the worry phase.

I want you all to repeat this over and over again until it sticks……..I am at peace and I am better than ok….. Now, I want you to actually believe it and I know that’s more easily said than done and we all seem to want QUICK results. Well, honey let me tell you there is nothing quick about healing that nasty habit of worrying. We worry about what our neighbors think, if our friends are loyal, if we will have enough money to live but all of that worrying usually never helps to get anything done in fact it seems to get worse at times. You must stop and learn how to silence the mind. Whenever you get frazzled and start worrying about a ton of mess, simply stop and center yourself by using meditation and a grounding stone. Grab a smokey quartz and a headphone and follow a guided meditation and then work out to burn off all of that worry and stress.


1). Work-Out More( believe it or not working out releasing a lot of anxiety and stress

2). Meditate more( relax, and release more)

3). STOP hanging around complainers and sad people that negativity rubs off on you.

4). Burn a lot of sage and essential oils

5). LIVE for the present and stop looking back at that past and stop worrying about the future..

6). KEEP thoughts positive

Stones to help with anxiety and worrying

1). Amazonite

2). Citrine


Essential Oils





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Peace and Blessings to

Forgiveness FREES


My path towards healing has been a bumpy one if I do say so myself but it has been rewarding as well. You know my grandmother would say, “If it don’t kill you it will make you stronger” and I must admit she was not only wise but so true. I had to learn how to forgive myself, others, and LIVE in the PRESENT and stop hanging out with the past. Memories can often have you stuck reliving hurt, regrets, and fears over and over again which weights down your heart and soul which stops you and even you fro living your Purpose and life because you are too focused on old memories instead of focused on creating more. So, I have decided to create a mini guide to start up your forgiveness.


Grab a God BOX and write out your wishes to God. My first prayer I wrote out was to help my heart heal and be able to truly forgive others and myself. Putting it in the God Box is a way to walk away from it and know that God will answer your request.



START mediating like crazy. I would focus on the heart chakra, base chakra and crown. My girlfriend told me about this wonderful mantra meditation called Ho’oponopono.. Oh my, it’s a wonderful peaceful and soothing meditation .



START living your BEST Life…. Do fun things, go outside more for walks, laugh more, spend more time with family



Do things for you and not to please others………and learn how to say No in about 40 different languages. 🙂

Aromatherapy: Rose oil, ylang, ylang, peppermint, lemon, neroli oil, sage www.freewebstore.org/healingflolounge

Herbal Baths: http://www.freewebstore.org/healingflolounge

Crystals: Rose Quartz, smokey quartz, lilac lepidolite,

Remember every path towards healing is different and you must find what works best for you.

GOD BOX!!!!!!


We all need a god box and I am sure you are asking why? Well, I pray and place my prayers in a God Box as a way of releasing them to God, totally and completely. I step away from my prayers and rest easy on my faith that my prayers will be answered and will be delivered.

So today go out and get a box, any ole box and then sit down and write out to God your worries and concerns and then tuck it away in your GOD Box and then walk away from it and trust…

Some stones to work on increasing faith

Try meditating with Amethyst or a Labradorite stone and make sure you cleanse the stones using the stone cleansing technique explained in Honey, I’m Full Figured So What on amazon.com

Oracle Card of the Day


I used my Archangel Michael Deck today and the card of the day is:::::


The prayer on the card: Thank you for motivating me to spend more time outdoors and for helping me relax and enjoy connecting with nature…


Go outside and get some fresh air. Actually close your eyes and take in the sounds and smells and just relax and breathe


Use a moss agate, and carnelian stones during meditation

Please leave other comments on how to connect with nature and relieve stress on the blog

Opinionated or JUDGMENTAL…..


Just imagine how much positive energy could be spread if we could just change our thoughts. Thoughts believe it or not are extremely powerful. For the day…Just pay attention to and jot down your thoughts and negative remarks. Let’s try to speak and think in positive and progressive ways. It’s fine to have an opinion but no so ok to be judgmental .

For example

Person says: “She wears too much make-up, that’s fake”—–It’s your opinion that  maybe person A wears too much make-up but that’s being judgmental to say that makes that person fake…..

Let’s stop categorizing and just start appreciating others for differences and if they are different to us doesn’t make them flawed or negative

To work on producing more positive thought forms  try meditating with Turquoise, and Hornblende stones and try wearing pieces of jewelry with these stones in it.

To leave more about stones and healing check out and download your free copy of Honey, I’m Full Figured So What on amazon…