Mustard Seed


I rubbed my fingers through a pile of mustard seeds just to see and feel for myself how small they actually were. Now, I suppose my faith is strong. Strong enough to overcede a mustard seed. I watched how they rolled out of my hand and through the openings in the palms of my hands until there was nothing else left. I got up from my chair convinced that my faith would push through doors and boundaries that I couldn’t even imagine. I was sure that the mustard seed had nothing on the faith I had tucked away in me. At that moment I knew the battles I faced were in need of a boost of faith and me falling down onto my knees in total submission.

Now, I got up and walked away and no more than a day when everything seemed to be falling down I downgraded my prayer and starting saying if it’s in your will and I stopped and something came to me. Now in the bible it’s written that, “You ask and do not receive because you ask with the wrong motives so that you may spend it on your own pleasures”( James 4:3) Now, a big fine house with a pool out in the back is great but what about world hunger, missionaries fighting for their lives, safety in our country and throughout the world, peace, togetherness in the communities, better schools? We must start praying and unselfishly for peace, favor, and grace over leaders, communities, family members, and self and watch how that little mustard seed of faith and praise will make a impact… a positive impact..

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Forgiveness using Apache Tear and Rose Quartz


Forgiveness is so difficult for people to do. We say we haven’t forgiven those that have hurt us but there is still vengeful thoughts and hate. We must drop that ego off down the road and start loving more. I am sure you think you are the most perfect person and everybody else has a problem and if you are thinking like that it is time to self-reflect….

Self-Reflect Steps

1). Could I have said something differently

2). Were my gestures negative

3). How to understand that humans are humans and stop trying to figure out how people feel.


To work on forgiveness we must work on our heart chakra and the two stones I suggest to hold during a heart chakra guided meditation is the rose quartz and apache tear…. For prayers or meditation methods go to Healing Flo Lounge on YouTube and download the free copy of Honey, I’m Full Figured So What available on amazon