Forgiveness FREES


My path towards healing has been a bumpy one if I do say so myself but it has been rewarding as well. You know my grandmother would say, “If it don’t kill you it will make you stronger” and I must admit she was not only wise but so true. I had to learn how to forgive myself, others, and LIVE in the PRESENT and stop hanging out with the past. Memories can often have you stuck reliving hurt, regrets, and fears over and over again which weights down your heart and soul which stops you and even you fro living your Purpose and life because you are too focused on old memories instead of focused on creating more. So, I have decided to create a mini guide to start up your forgiveness.


Grab a God BOX and write out your wishes to God. My first prayer I wrote out was to help my heart heal and be able to truly forgive others and myself. Putting it in the God Box is a way to walk away from it and know that God will answer your request.



START mediating like crazy. I would focus on the heart chakra, base chakra and crown. My girlfriend told me about this wonderful mantra meditation called Ho’oponopono.. Oh my, it’s a wonderful peaceful and soothing meditation .



START living your BEST Life…. Do fun things, go outside more for walks, laugh more, spend more time with family



Do things for you and not to please others………and learn how to say No in about 40 different languages. 🙂

Aromatherapy: Rose oil, ylang, ylang, peppermint, lemon, neroli oil, sage

Herbal Baths:

Crystals: Rose Quartz, smokey quartz, lilac lepidolite,

Remember every path towards healing is different and you must find what works best for you.

Chakra 101


Please join us on Thursday as we discuss chakras and provide chic resolutions to balancing them for to on the go urbanite…. Call in this Thursday at 7:00 pm est
646-668-8313 and press one if you would like to speak


Let’s Talk About Sisterhood and Rose Quartz Crystals !


Ladies, why don’t we support each other? It seems to always be about competition when it comes to ladies supporting each other. I see the men coming together and high fiving all of the time yet we pass each other in the streets with our noses turned up in the air. It’s time to heal and repair and most importantly it’s time to love and support each other. I encourage you all to participate in the do something positive for at least two women on tomorrow. The acts of kindness can be rather random and just make sure its love infused.


Compliment another woman

Network with another woman

Support a business owned by a woman

Support a author that’s a woman ( wink, wink me Ross Wright) and promote and purchase their books

Call a friend and tell them how fab they are.

Crystal of the DAY:::::ROSE QUARTZ

Meditate with this crystal and do a heart chakra guided meditation while holding rose quartz….Rose Quartz supports heart healing, and increase compassion