Hair seems to be the topic of interest for women all over the world or maybe I shouldn’t make such a broad statement perhaps I should say that in the south within some African American communities and families hair is more important than southern cheese grits.
At a time in my life I equated hair with beauty but it was rarely my natural hair that I found beautiful. My hair was and still is short and a dusty brown color. So of course back then and even now I had a bunch of wigs from short to long and even natural ones. I don’t think it’s anything wrong with wigs and weaves but I personally I had to love my natural hair first and my true self and then if I wanted to do another look by adding a wig or weave then that is my business….right?
It’s not just my business anymore I have two daughters and I had to catch myself because children learn by seeing and interaction and rarely by what is spoken to them so everyday if would put my wig on my daughters were looking up at me thinking that in order to be acceptable and go out that one must put on a wig or straighten their hair and that wasn’t the message I wanted them to get… I wanted them to love how God made them I mean truly love how God made them so even though I battled with my own insecurities about my hair I started wearing my hair everyday and spoke positive about it and loving it…..
Ladies let’s be the example or daughters and communities need…. Let’s love ourselves truly!!!!
Hair ain’t nothing but dead cells anyway!!!!!
Healing Flo 2014


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