Life is hectic and full of noise so we must learn how to sit down, reflect and sip on some tea. I have really gotten into herbal teas lately so I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes with you all.

1st Favorite Tea Mix

1 Chamomile

 2 teaspoons of natural Vanilla flavor

Honey  add to taste

For: If your nerves are all over the place and frazzled to the max take you a nice hot eucalyptus and sea salt bath and then brew this awesome tea


2nd Favorite Tea

Healing Flo Anxiety Mix Tea

Add honey

Add lemons

add pineapple juice( only a splash or two

Chill it or serve it hot

For: Anxiety relief and relaxation you can also use the mix in bath water with lemon oil. Step out and mist your body with the base chakra oil mist.

3rd Favorite Tea




For: inflammation, calming negativity and relaxation…..

Enjoy your week and make sure to relax your nerves and surround your space with positive vibes……

All teas can be purchased on



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