Parasitic Relationships


I am sure we all have encountered a parasitic relationships a time a two but how to re release from these types of relationships and avoid them. First we need to accurately define parasitic relationships.

Parasitic Relationship: A relationships where one person is being used up and  all of their energy is being sucked up dry by the other person.

How to FREE yourself

First, you must learn how to say no in a thousand and one different languages

Secondly, learn how to put your needs first every now and again.

Thirdly, POP out of relationships that are draining DROP the need to always nurture and save folk LOCK out all negative from your space and life.

CALL in on Thursday @9PM as we discuss how to POP, DROP, LOCK your life so that you can live in peace and most importantly you can live happy.  646-929-2723 and press 1 if you want to speak


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