BEWARE of people that DRAIN YOU!!!!!


We understand that our thoughts and energy are rapidly moving around in the universe. Therefore from time to time we must ground our energy or even transmute negative energy that has attached to us….For example you break up with a guy or lady and you still have pictures or objects in your house that remind you of them and seeing those objects can stir up emotions and feelings. So lets do a declutter and disconnection exercise…

1). THROW away all objects and items that belonged to that person( believe it or not these things hold energy)

2). Before you meditate say a prayer asking for all negative thoughts and resentment feelings be turned into positive ones

pray for detachment emotional, and physical attachment from the person and their thoughts

3). Meditate with carnelian  . Why carnelian? because it protects from harmful thoughts, enchantments, negative energy and Blue  Chalcedony

I recommend meditating with and wearing these two stones to help strengthen your aura and lessen the opportunity of energy vampires and harmful thoughtforms…..Now, I am sure some of you are like what in the heck am I talking about…To learn more tune into The Healing Flo Lounge YouTube channel and check out Honey, I’m Full Figured So What for healing guides..


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